Bill Myers DVD Workshop Free Preview – DVD 2
Bill Myers DVD Workshop (10 Disc Box Set).
Disc 2 – Video Equipment Checklist.
Got a camcorder and a computer? That’s all you need to earn over $100,000 every year and have a ton of fun doing it.
Welcome to the profitable World of producing ‘How-To’ videos and DVD’s.
Learn how to produce How-To, special interest and instructional videos and DVD’s for big profit with Bill Myers DVD Workshop.
The Bill Myers DVD Workshop 10 disc box set shows you how to do it on a low budget and with little or no previous experience.
This is a preview for Disc 2 of the Bill Myers DVD Workshop 10 disc box set: Video Equipment Checklist. Looking at the basic low-cost equipment you’ll need to produce How-To DVDs; camcorders, lighting, editing software etc. They also look at Serious Magic’s excellent Visual Communicator software, which makes creating videos a breeze and a lot of fun.

Go to for full details on how you can start your own profitable video production home business with previews of all the other DVD’s in the Bill Myers DVD Workshop.

Duration : 0:8:44

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  1. BlackSymphony12 says:

    i figured it out.
    i figured it out.

  2. BlackSymphony12 says:

    Do you know how i …
    Do you know how i can copy at the same time all of the videos and music sound effects.

  3. peterskuse says:

    Frances, best place …
    Frances, best place to buy green screens is on Ebay.

  4. genchoxhapro says:


  5. Francisreuther says:

    Please, where can i …
    Please, where can i buy a green screen to use behind me with Communicator 2. My name is Frances..

  6. xenophileca says:

    What a great video! …
    What a great video! Great presenting! Thank-you very much for sharing that. I feel my views are similar to yours when it comes to this kind of stuff. Feel free to drop by and post a comment on my YouTube as well I am new here and could use a little help!